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 We at AthensCon believe that volunteers are an important part for the success of an event like this. So we are happy to give the opportunity to anyone who wants to become part of our team and help in the smooth operation of our convention! Volunteers must be 17 years or older. We accept applications for becoming a volunteer only online via the interest form you see below. Applications of interest will not be accepted at the door of AthensCon.

Individuals that will be selected will be contacted till October 31st. They should be able to be attend in a interview and later on in one of the two meetings which will be held for the orientation of the volunteers. The first will be held on Sunday, November 3rd and the second on Sunday, November 10th, afternoon hours.

What we expect from our volunteers:

  • Courtesy, friendliness and cooperation with all the volunteers and employees of AthensCon.
  • Respect for the guests, fellow volunteers, participants and guests of the convention.
  • Respect for materials and products for the event and exhibitors.
  • Respect and obedience to the decisions of the organizers of AthensCon.
  • Fulfillment of tasks assigned in the best possible way.
  • Timely inform the supervisors if a volunteer cannot work as t has previously been agreed
  • Enjoy AthensCon.

We ask our volunteers to offer their services for minimum one full day (12 hours) of the weekend that AthensCon will be held. Of course we will accept applications for less volunteer work hours than that! All volunteers should wear comfortable clothes, shoes and the AthensCon t-shirt throughout the duration of their shift. The AthensCon t-shirt should not be worn during the breaks of the volunteers, and before or after their shift. Volunteers wont be allowed to carry on them their cameras or take pictures during their shifts and attending to their duties.

Volunteer work is also welcomed during the set up days prior to the show

The guests Green Room and Press Room is off limits for all volunteers. If a volunteer accompanies a guest from their table to the Green Room, they escort the guest to the door of the Green Room and then let them enter on their own.

Why volunteer to AthensCon?

  • To enjoy the event for free
  • To get unique memorabilia.
  • To make new friends with similar interests like you.
  • To become part of a unique event and to share in its success.
  • To help the guests and visitors to enjoy the best AthensCon.
  • To do something unique and different.

On the day of your shift:

  • Please come to the event earlier so that there is no delay due to traffic.
  • Come at least 60 minutes before the start of your shift.
  • Sign in with your supervisor ahead of the start and end of your shift.
  • Upon entering the venue for your first shift you will be given the AthensCon t-shirt to wear.

FAQ for volunteers:

 - Where will volunteers leave their bags and personal items?

The event will provide an independent enclosed supervised space where volunteers can leave their things, but AthensCon and the organizers will not be responsible in case of loss or theft. We propose you leave bags and other personal items in your home and only bring with you the essentials. Volunteers will not allowed have on them bags of any type during the shift.

- Will volunteers pay for autographs from guests?

Volunteers are entitled to a free autograph from one of the guests that will be included in the AthensCon goodie-bag that they will get by the end of the show! In general all autographs will be free, but some artists might charge for something that they will be selling. Those items must be paid normally depending on the artist policy.

- Can volunteers attend panels and workshops.

Yes, but only when their are OFF duty.

- What we offer to our volunteers.

  1. Free entrance to the event so you can enjoy it during your break off your shift.
  2. AthensCon t-shirt
  3. Goodie-bag with souvenirs from sponsors
  4. Two half-hour breaks. (for 12 hour shifts), one half-hour break (for 8 hours or less shifts)
  5. One lunch and one refreshment per shift.

- What tasks will i be assigned?

This depends on the needs of AthensCon and your interests. We will do everything we can to assign you in a positions of your field of interest, but we can not guarantee it. It will depend on our needs. Make sure you fill in as detailed as you can  volunteer application and we will find the best location for you.

- I filled out an application of interest but have not received a response.

We thank everyone who want to help in the running of AthensCon and want to offer their time, but its not possible to pick everyone.

* You can make extra questions by sending a message to

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