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Star Channel has its own WebTV for the past three years with many thematic shows that cover a lot of categories.
For  2016 – 2017:
•    Chill Out: Α show about young people and mostly study topics.
•    Gregory Show: A show with comedy videos.
•    Keep Running: A show about runners all over the world.
•    Leaders: A show about the meaning of leadership and strategic choices on political, social and economic events.
•    LevelUp: A show about video games.
•    Petshow: A show about pets.
•    The Mubet Show: A show about betting.
•    Underground: A show about the alternative way of life of young people who choose rock music, graffiti, tattoos, etc.
•    Video Shooting in Greece: Α show about the beauty of Greece.
•    We live better: A show about psychology and every day life, about the challenges we face in our relationships and with ourselves.
•    Greece in our hearts: A show that opens a window through to our country from the other countries that shows worthy business options in Greece, that are not very well known.
•    Technology unites us: A show about the world of technology covering every new release in Greece and globally.
•    In&Out:  A show-guide for entertainment options.
•    Care for your health: A show about medical advice and news from the medical sector.
•    Drive correctly: A show about the world of cars and correct driving.
•    Everything about mom: A show about all the topics that may interest mothers.
The shows are on every day on the Star WebTv website, and you can find past episodes on the archive, but also an the Star WebTv YouTube channel.
This year, as media sponsors for AthensCon 2016, we will there, on the TV Station of the convention, with the show LevelUp (powered by VideoGames24).

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