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SHEDIART (Partners)

Restarting Life

Past, unsold issues of the Greek street paper “Shedia” are upcycled, redesigned and transformed into high quality products. All products are handmade and unique, designed and produced in Greece, highlighting the zeal, dedication and talents of their creators.

The core vision of “Shediart“ is the creation of educational, training as well as employment opportunities for people who are homeless and/or live well below the poverty line, experiencing social exclusion at its most extreme, while actively encouraging and promoting their full social (re)integration. The first group of beneficiaries consists of people of older age (over 50 years old) who have found themselves in the distribution network of the Greek street paper “Shedia”. They were invited to participate in free upcycling workshops, acquiring and developing the skills to transform themselves what, at first sight, may look and feel “obsolete”, “trash” (as is the case with a past issue of a magazine) into high quality products.

It is a social and environmental project where the ideals and values of love, solidarity, education, participation, social inclusion, creativity, social enterprise, innovation as well as social and environmental awareness and environmental solutions are all converging.

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