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MYTHOS (Sponsor)

Mythos is the authentic Greek lager, created in 1997, featuring rich foam, bright pale color, distinct flavors and a pleasant, refreshing taste, with just 5% alcohol by volume. It is exclusively brewed from premium varieties of barley and hops, to offer maximum enjoyment in every sip.

As the world’s most famous Hellenic Beer, it is the favorite beer of foreign visitors who enjoy the Mythos experience. Thanks to its superior quality and genuinely youthful and unconventional personality, Mythos has won the hearts of consumers both in Greece and abroad, as it is exported to more than 30 countries all over the world.

Launching a new easy open cap in 2016, Mythos, with its characteristically refreshing taste, is the perfect choice for every moment, whether you’re hanging out in a bar, a square, in a tavern or at the beach.

#TIP: Enjoy Mythos in temperatures between 4-6C.

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