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LEVEL UP (Media Sponsor)

Two years after the complete overhaul of the gaming site VideoGames24 (VG24) and having already earned the trust of the Greek gamers, it was about time for the next step. Our readers' support gave us the chance to have our own weekly web radio show on OctavaRadio, one of the biggest web radio stations in Greece. The show is called "LevelUp". The first season was successfully completed, while it was another step towards the next level: our own WebTV show on one of the biggest Greek TV channels, Star Channel.

Our (also) weekly WebTV show, Level Up, on the WebTV of Star Channel helps us to inform our viewers in the best and most fun way possible. You can watch Reviews, opinions, game release dates, new trailers, collector's editions, giveaways and much more, while our viewers can participate in the show through various ways of communication.

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