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The Greek LEGO® Users Group.

Gricks is the fusion of the words Greeks and Bricks. It is a LEGO® Users Group with members all over Greece, aged 18+. Teenagers and kids are allowed to attend Gricks events, accompanied by adult supervisors.

Gricks are a team of adult LEGO® modelers, collectors, traders and enthusiasts. They seek ways to bring beauty to our lives through LEGO® 3D modelling and to present the "AFOL" aspect of LEGO® to the Greek public. They organize LEGO® group buys, joint MOCs, contests, parts drafts and LEGO® auctions for their members, as well as donations, exhibitions and LEGO® activities for the public.
If you live in Greece and you’d like to share your passion for LEGO® with peers, need some advice about LEGO® sets, you’re looking for technical assistance for your own constructions, you’d like to show your MOCs to the public, you’re looking for special parts and ways to acquire LEGO® parts, you have LEGO® parts and would like to make a donation, or just have a chat about LEGO®, is the place to be.

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Phone: (0030) 210 4957843

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