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Escape Rooms:
Its a game where you can play even if you are 12 or 112 years old because its not an ability game but a thinking game...The Great Escape crew has created unique rooms that travels  you in a fantastic world for an hour. 
The riddles:
During the game if some of the riddles are too difficult for you, you can ask for a hint from the game master who is watching you all the time. 

The rules:
Great Escape is a live escape room game that test the thinking abilities of a person acting inside a team when on the same time it makes you feel that you are in a completely  different place. The team must be between 2-5 people and enter in a "locked" thematic room trying to find the way to escape from it in a specific time by solving a number of riddles using their brains and the 5 senses. 

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