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COSPLAYERS//GR (Media Sponsor)

Cosplayers//GR is the only big non-profit neutral and independent greek Cosplay community network, dedicated to providing complete news, coverage, recording in databases and promotion of all Cosplayers, Cosplay events and anything associated with Cosplay in Greece. Cosplayers//GR is the organizer of 77 - Outdoor Mass - Cosplay Photoshootings (64% of the greek total), among them every single one in Thessaloniki, the 2nd longest running Cosplay “tradition” in Greece (8+ years). Cosplayers//GR's actions include the mass promotion of every single Cosplay event for many years. The team is an official partner of all active cosplay related event organizers, as well as official Cosplay Photographers in nearly all big greek Convention that include Cosplay.

Cosplayers//GR's coverage throughout the years totals at 65%+ of all commercial Cosplay Events and nearly all existing outdoor Cosplay Photoshoots in Greece, with 70% of greek Cosplays among them. It includes many private dedicated Cosplay photoshoots and European Conventions coverage by its members. Cosplayers//GR's current team composition consists of the only existing 3 greek entirely dedicated Cosplay photographers ( Cassiel Cosplay Photography, Dimitris Papadopoulos Photography, Mary Chan Cosplay & Photography ), who cover nearly every single Cosplay event in Greece with photos /videos, all of which are or were Cosplayers too with a big Cosplay repertoire.

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