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ΖΜΑΚ (Partner)

Telephone +30 698 733 5694, Address Π.Ράλλη 107, Αγ. Ιωάννη Ρέντης., Website, Facebook

ΖΜΑΚ (Partner)

In the 40's it was Jim Londos. In the 50's Megaritis in 60's Spiros Arion and Assimakis. In the 70's Kampaflis and Burano, the 80's Tromaras and Gkouliovas, 90's George Pefanis and Sougklakos and then ... Silence!

Twenty years after the constant presence of pro-wrestling matches (wrestling) in Greece, the pop - culture of rings gets reanimated for all the fans who love this misunderstood  art form.

In 2016, ZMAK,  makes its appearance with more than 40 performers redefining its relationship with the Greek fan loving spectacle. It's a scripted show that wants to entertain its viewer.

ZMAK in its arsenal includes internet short episodes, live events in a regular basis and 6 super-shows each season.

During AthensCon 2016 ZMAK will present their fifth annual super-show ZMAK HEROES 2016.

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