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About AthensCon

AthensCon is the first big convention held in Greece that is heavily influenced by worldwide Comic-Cons and conventions promoting popular interests of our times. It is a celebration of modern pop culture and hobbies related to it; a celebration of a culture originating from both society itself and the Arts, always touching people in a unique and profound way. Every one of us chooses a different way to enjoy life in their leisure time: some of us read books, graphic novels and comics, others watch movies and/or TV-series; some play video games and others board and role playing games. Many of us engage in more than one of those activities, on a daily basis. Why? Because those are some of the best mediums to bring out strong emotions and deep thoughts. AthensCon is all about that. It is a hub full of life and color, joy and laughter, awe and admiration. It is the place where you can experience grand feelings with every step you make and every exhibit you visit during this two-day-long festivity.

Whom it is AthensCon addressed to?

Hobbies and activities related to the pop culture have no age restrictions. Whether you were born in the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, or even in the new millennium, you all have something in common: there has been a moment in your life that you found yourselves  inspired by a movie, a book, a comic or a game. AthensCon is here to give a wake-up call to the child you still hide inside. We intend not only to intrigue we all, but also to offer you an abundance of activities to do whether you choose to come with your friends, family, partner, or even alone.

What you will find in AthensCon
  • You can meet in person both Greek and International: writers and designers, popular for their works in comics; actors from well-known TV series; and also celebrities who will take part in panels, give out autographs and take photographs with visitors.
  • You can learn new skills and crafts by attending numerous seminars and workshops held exclusively during the festival by specialized schools and teachers.
  • You can take on new hobbies after: trying out some of the all-new video games available for you to play-for-free; playing  popular and new board games with your friends and/or family, demonstrated on the spot; and taking part in a plethora of other activities and events we have in store for you during those two days.
  • You can take your photo next to unique pieces from the history of the movies.
  • And finally, you can acquire little (or not so little) treasures from the numerous exhibitors at the festival.
AthensCon objectives

The convention intends -and very rightfully so- to become the largest event in its respective field nationally, while embracing the cultures and traditions of many different countries. This will be an event that no one will want to miss. The guest-list will attract thousands of people; the exhibitions and galleries will be one of a kind; the events, games, competitions, workshops and presentations will offer an unforgettable experience to each and every one of the guests. People from all over Greece travel to the capital for this event.

Who is behind AthensCon

Professional people with only love for what they are doing! Handpicked individuals that give their time and effort to present to the greek audience a unique experience! Thats all you need to know.... for now!

We hope you enjoy our Con!
AthensCon Organizing Team.


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