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Ian Churchill travels all the way from Britain to our convention and he is best known for his work in american comic companies.

Churchill's early work included stints on Supergirl, Uncanny X-Men as well as the Deadpool: Sins of the Past limited series, in addition to a lengthy stay on Cable, the latter gaining him (along with writer Jeph Loeb) fan acclaim. Loeb and Churchill were to later team up to produce Coven and Lionheart for Awesome Comics.

He was the initial artist for the most recent spin-off of the Teen Titans comic series, Titans, (vol. 2) which features the New Teen Titans of the Marv Wolfman/George Pérez era.

In 2009 Churchill drew the "Code Red" story arc in Hulk, which introduced the Red She-Hulk. In December 2010, Churchill's creator-owned comic "Marineman" launched to critical acclaim, securing an Eisner nomination for best new series 2010. Volume 2 of Marineman was launched  through Image Comics in 2013. Later volume 1 was published in hardback format in French.

In 2012 Churchill was the artist on The Ravagers series for DC and also mentored the wildly popular Image Comics title No Place Like Home.

Beginning in 2014, Churchill is working with Jonathan Ross on a new title for Image Comics called The Revenge.

Currently he is working with DC in Rebirth titles like Superman, Teen Titans and more.


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