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Our next guest announcement is that of british writer David Hine.

David Hine has passed from almost every major publishing company since he is being writing comics from the early '80s. He passed from Crisis, 2000 AD writing and drawing stories like Tao De Moto, Mambo and various other short stories.

In our country he is more known for his work on the comic series of X-Men: The 198, Civil War: X-Men, Silent War, Son of M and various What if... one shots for Marvel.

He has worked also as the main writer in Spawn for Todd McFarlane writing from issue #151 till #184 and has completed the current storyline of The Darkness with issue #116.

It goes without saying that he has worked for companies like DC Comics, Radical, Tokyopop, Avatar etc.

In AthensCon he will talk about his work, sign autographs and have a workshop about script writing!

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