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Erik J. Larsen is an American comic book writer, artist and publisher. He is known for his work on Savage Dragon, as one of the 7 original founders of Image Comics, and for his work on Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.

In the beginning of his carreer Larsen went on to work for AC Comics on Sentinels of Justice and The DNAgents for Eclipse Comics. He has also done work at DC on The Outsiders, Teen Titans, Adventures of Superman and Doom Patrol. His first work for Marvel Comics was a fill-in on Thor that was inked by Vince Colletta. He later did a The Amazing Spider-Man fill-in story and five issues of Punisher for Marvel. A Nova story for Marvel Comics Presents was greenlit but cancelled because it did not fit with an upcoming New Warriors series that would feature the character. Though he continues to write and illustrate The Savage Dragon, Larsen has occasionally returned to Marvel to write and illustrate, on titles such as Fantastic Four, The Defenders, Wolverine and Nova. He has also done work for DC writing Aquaman.

In 2004, Larsen became publisher of Image Comics, taking responsibility for all comics produced by creators other than the Image partners and their studios. Larsen stepped down as publisher in July 2008 and executive director Eric Stephenson was promoted to the position

His creation the Savage Dragon is one of the longest running independant comic books now numbering 216 issues


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