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"World’s Secrets" is a trilogy of fiction books written by the Greek author Vasilis Alexandropoulos. It is a literary work that started (and still goes on) fourteen years ago and was created with plenty of love, conscientiousness and patience.
The plot unfolds around the strange life of a child called Seagne within a destiny that calls him to fulfill the purpose of his birth – a purpose that will always remind him that no journey in life is easy and effortless.
The first book entitled as "World’s Secrets: Destiny’s Path" was released in June 2018.
However, this fictional world is not limited within the book’s boundaries. It will come alive in front of your eyes through a wealth of illustrated works of art (by the painter Giannis Stavrianidis), landscapes, creatures and characters of high quality as well as objects used by different races!

Are you ready to travel to a new and peculiar world? It is a journey alongside a child’s destiny, a child who seeks the balance between the Light and the Darkness!

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