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The Webcomics.Gr company started in 2005 as the creator of the first Greek web portal for webcomics, an occupation which resulted in the organization of exhibitions and events based on online comics. Some of the comics enriched musical productions for Greek album booklets.
As a publishing house, they have been active since 2013, with their first edition being Konstantinos Sklavenitis’ Like a Dream. In 2014 they adopted Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics (Best Translated Edition 2015) and published OMG, Zombie!, by Nikolas Stefadouros. The new graphic novel by Scott McCloud, The Sculptor (Best Artistic Design & Translated Edition 2016) and the epic sequel to OMG, Zombie! were released in AthensCon 2015. In 2016, they published Ilias Kyriazis’ Elysium Online, as well as Gods In Crisis and GRamers: The Comic. In AthensCon 2016, the final chapter of the epic trilogy OMG, Zombie! will be released.

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