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Telephone +1 (902) 476-4472 , Address Vesuvius Media Ltd. 38 Pioneer Avenue Nova Scotia, Halifax, B3M 1W8, Website , Facebook


Vesuvius Media is an indie development company dedicated to providing high-quality games. To do this, they interact with the player base, openly discussing their ideas and valuing their opinion. This enables them to develop relevant and engaging game content while creating a welcoming game environment and a loyal game community. Player input helps them tremendously to shape the future of their games!

The company was incorporated in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 2014, but their international development team has been working together since 2010. Their combined skills and experience include game design, development, story-telling, music composition, graphics (2.5D with 3D models), public relations, marketing, crowdfunding, extreme mathematics, and more!

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Phone: (0030) 210 4957843

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