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 Tales of Ánnor is the largest and most active Medieval Fantasy Live Action Role-Playing Game in Athens, Greece. Being active for just over a year the game is home to more than 90 active players, and to a world that grows richer and larger by the day. The magical land of Ánnor is populated by all kinds of individuals. Divine warriors bearing the blessings of their gods wage war for the sake of peace and order, while pagan rune-mages incite a revolution for the sake of freedom of magic and life. A destruction army is preparing for expansive military conquest, while a northern barbarian horde raids and pillages. Crystal-mages conduct experiments in their Academies and towers, while the shamans consult with the spirits about the fate of the world. And as the Four Cities organize a regular army to defend their walls, mercenary bands get together to claim their own share.

Become a part of the ever-unfolding story and leave your own mark on the Tales of Ánnor! The Ánnor community gathers every Sunday at Alsos Syggrou in Maroussi for our weekly training and meeting session. Everyone is welcome to join and give it all a try. Among combat, improv role-playing, group atmosphere, and the thematic costumes, you are bound to find something to love here.  Get in touch through our page on facebook, come and meet us on a Sunday, or – even better – visit our booth at this year’s AthensCon to have a taste of the enchanting world of Ánnor !

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