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Sechta Productions is an artistic cooperative which consists of a number of multifaceted individuals who sing, direct, draw, paint and portray others or even themselves in order to maneuver in weird situations. Its members, amongst others, are Sexpyr, known from his time in Kavourodinosauroi, La Klikaria, Trendy Hooliguns, Comedy Lab and other, the immensely huge and funny TRI.P.A CREW, the journalist of life Mavros Ilos, the DJ/director/graphic designer iPsychos, as well as the man behind all other men, Kostas Klados. All vintage characters themselves, they could not help it but be into vintage games, such as playmozzz. On their stand you will find CDs, T-shirts, comics, vintage toys and stickers, all designed, written or made in any other way by their hands and their intire healthy brains. They are waiting for you to meet in person, to buy their goodies and talk to them like people do at their stand in the biggest pop culture Greek festival.

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Phone: (0030) 210 4957843

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