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The main designer of Piedra Negra, Olga Pazartzi, (Architect), was driven to design based on her love and her everyday urge for ‘creation’. Her unique jewelry were primarily designed for herself as it was difficult to find the desired distinctiveness she wanted for her personal style. Studying in London and travelling around the world enriched her aesthetic quality which is obvious in her creations.

Piedra Negra’s philosophy is to offer high artistic quality in unique designs as well as affordable prices. All materials used, are hand formed and processed, by herself or her colleagues under her supervision and always with ecological awareness.
Designs that last through time and have modern qualities at the same time, ‘come to life’ with the use of combinations of materials such as metals, stones, leather, gemstones.

Piedra negra also offers a wide range of decorative objects, Easter candles, charms, Christening decorations, unique wedding wreaths as well as made to order objects that reflect the customer’s personal style.

Piedra Negra’s goal is to bring out your own special image through our love for creation.

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