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Brace yourselves, for you will be transported to a world far away from everyday life, where imagination takes over reality, transforming us to warriors, mages, rogues, and anything else you can imagine. Τechnology and modern clothing can be left behind; shiny armors, weapons, spells and finery await to spice up your fantasy, turning parks to dark forests and simple clearings to epic battle grounds. The world of Live Action Role Playing (LARP) gives everyone the chance to portray their characters in the flesh, combining improvisational theatre and sport with specially constructed equipment. Mists of Aeonia has been running continuously for over three years, and with both single- and multi-day Events, players find themselves in wars and intrigues- as some are fighting desperately to reunite the broken kingdom, dark forces lurk in forgotten corners...

Come and meet us at our booth in Athenscon 2018; we will show you how to fight like true LARPers, talk to you about Aeonia, a world full of possibilities, and give you a first taste of our game. Also featuring Greek Steampunkers and Dihonea LARP!

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