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«MIKROS IROS PUBLICATIONS» continues the tradition of Anemodouras Publications which has started in 1949, when Stelios Anemodouras makes his first steps in the field, with the publication of magazine NYXTERIDA and a few years later, in 1953, with the writing and publication of the legendary magazine MIKROS IROS. In the field of Comics, Stelios Anemodouras also published the famous BLEK, ZAGOR, MISTER NO and PERIPETEIA. In the field of leisure magazines, he published the weekly GRIFOS, KOYIZ, SAVVATO with great success, while in the field of teen magazines the KATERINA, SUPER KATERINA and AFISORAMA.

«MIKROS IROS PUBLICATIONS», with Leokratis in charge, grandchild of Stelios Anemodouras, continues dynamically the activity, publishing comics with new stories. These are NEOS MPLEK which includes the heroes Blek, Zagor, Martin Mystery and Nathan Never, MISTER NO AND THE OTHERS with Mister No, Dylan Dog and Tex and MIKROS IROS. Very often, special publications of all these heroes are published, while the last publication is ZAGOR, which includes the heroes Zagor, Cocobil, Dr Justice, Ringo, Kapitan Miki and Jonny Logan.

«MIKROS IROS PUBLICATIONS», have also published 2 books: IROES OF STELIOS ANEMODOURAS and IROES-ANTHOLOGY STORIES. The first is a complete study of the writing and publishing activity of Stelios Anemodouras since 1946, while the second includes complete stories of the most emblematic heroes of this period. In addition, it has published the graphic novel O TETRAKOSARIS (N. Nikolaidis – K. Fragiadakis) which is about the life a simple citizen in Greece, during crisis.


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