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Telephone +30 2109845771, Address Μαρίνου Αντύπα 14, 17455 Άλιμος, Website, Facebook


Huion is one of the largest digitizers manufacturing companies. With ISO90001 certification, 7 other international safety certifications, 71 core patents and strict quality standards, it provides highly reliable and technologically innovative products. Its wide range of products includes graphic tablets, pen tablet monitors and LED tracing boards. Every user from the beginner to the demanding professional, will find among the Huion products, the one that suits its needs at the most competitive market price Advanced / Optimized features such as pen pressure sensitivity levels, wireless connectivity, customizable keys and battery-free pen, have many times placed Huion ahead of the competition.

Among over 5 million Huions users there are well know artists and professionals, large graphic studios, schools, organizations and businesses. Its main philosophy is designing - manufacturing high technology products at very affordable prices.

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Phone: (0030) 210 4957843

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