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Have you lived during the Gold century? Or not? If you have then stay there! If you think you lived it during your sleep, please continue quietly! If you haven't lived it, then we will help you dream of it. This is why you should drop your mobile phone and open the book! An image of that Golden century equals as a thousand mobiles!!! Because that's what the chief said, because the teacher recommends it and the student reads it! All others are left in the hands of the gods!! Ah... and do not forget the memory pill because in the morning you will have forgotten everything! 

Dont miss the opportunity to read a unique comic book like this!

Stamatopoulos Giorgos was born in Athens in 1963. In 1982 he is admitted to the Higher School of Fine Arts in Athens where he studies sculpture with professors Giorgos Nikolaidis and Theodoros Papagianni. Graduates with honors and financial scholarship of the State Scholarship Foundation He also attends the special laboratories of the School of Chalkochytikis, (brass sculptures) with Professor Nikos Kerlis as well as and the Marmartenias laboratories, taking special mention. In 1991 he undertakes to restore the sculpture Decoration of the Iliad of today's monetary museum, and then in 1995 undertakes the restoration of many sculptures of the Acropolis Museum. From 1997 and after the competition undertakes to make coins and medals on behalf of Bank of Greece.

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