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Address 13, Aplotarias str., Chios Island, Hellas (821 31), Website, Facebook, YouTube


Angel Eyes fantasy art relies on the Angel Eyes dreamworld inspired by author and illustrator Lila Kissa-Fragomichalos in 2011, and since then realized continuously through authentic creations of literary text and artistic image. This magical dreamworld reaches you by:
- illustrated fantasy novels in greek by Editions Momentum: “Angel Eyes Book I: Guardians” (June 2016), “Angel Eyes Book II: The Path” (August 2017), “Angel Eyes Book IΙΙ: Destination” (October 2018), “Inari: the Seven-hearted Dragon” (June 2019).
- various original illustrations influenced by Japanese manga/anime style, available in finest quality merchandise such as art prints (on canvas or paper), notebooks, t-shirts etc.

The creator’s ambition: to make people dream more!

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