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Kristofer (Gousis Christoforos) was born in 1950 in a village close to Ioannina named Variades. After finishing school, he studied in Athens and became an electrical and mechanical engineer; but, in his own words, he was born to become a magician. Kristofer is practically self-taught in the art of magic, since there was no Magician’s Academy in Greece in 1960’s, bibliography was rare and the professional magicians of the time were rather distant and “unwilling” to pass on the secrets of the art. He started out by watching other magicians at work whenever he was given the opportunity. Later on, he traveled abroad (Europe and States) where he was able to meet great magicians and attend professional seminars, magic festival and lectures. This is how he evolved, from being an amateur (though talented) magician, into a distinguished one, recognized both in Greece and abroad. In 1975 he founded the Hellenic Academy of Magicians on the legal basis of a non-profit association where he serves as the general manager. With great effort Kristofer collects, over 35 years now, posters, books, costumes and magic tools of Greek magicians of the last 200 years. At Academy’s Library there are over 800 books, not only Greek but from all over the world and some of them are really rare. The entrance at Academy’s Museum and Library is free of charge.  In the meantime, he’s been writing a book about the history of magic in Greece from ancient times till today, including the biographies of all Greek magicians. Being specialized in children’s parties he enjoys writing scripts, involving adventures and magic, three of which have been published as comic books. Kristofer’s artistic, cultural and volunteering activities are many and that’s why he has been honored by many significant people and organizations. During the 1st Olympiad of Magic (2005) Kristofer presented, for the first time ever, a self-invented illusion. He was chained and the locked inside a cauldron. Fire was burning underneath the cauldron, but he managed to escape in time and avoid being cooked alive….The way he escaped remains a mystery to this very day…..

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