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Tomazos Stelios

Tomazos Stelios

Stelios Tomazos holds three bachelor’s degrees (English Language and Literature – University of Athens, French Language and Literature – University of Athens, Comics-Cartoon-3D Animation – AKMI Private Institute of Vocational Training), two master’s degrees (Educational Technology and Human Resource Management – University of Athens in cooperation with the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Maritime Business – University of Piraeus) and a German language certificate (GDS – Goethe-Institut). He works as an English, French and German teacher and translator. His most recent translation is included in the first three volumes of the “Éric Castel” comic book series (Mikros Iros Publications, 2019). Stelios along with his brother, Pavlos Tomazos, writer of the “The Calling and Other Mystery Stories” novel (Likofos Publications, 2014), have formed the creative team TOMAZOS COMICS and self-published the original graphic novel “THEOGONY – PART A: THE AGE OF THE GODS” in English in 2018. In addition, Stelios Tomazos has repeatedly participated in the “ADVENTURES IN COMICS” ( comic book anthologies by Marine Studios in the U.K.. His ABC: “The Last Moments of a Brave of the South” short story won the first short story prize in the “Gods of Steam” category of the LARRY NIVEN 2016 Fantasy Literature Prizes.

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