Sandy K' Sutton

Sandy K' Sutton

Sandy, aka Sutton was born in Athens in 1983. Music and drawing are both two of her greatest passions since she was little. Sometimes she got the impression she has been drawing way back since she can even remember herself! She studied music at an early age though as years went by realized she expressed more efficiently using sketchpads so  started devoting more and more time on creating the images and ideas in her head. She works mostly with comics and drawing on canvas. Studied at AKTO college in Athens where she graduated in 2014 in comics/sketch/cartoon. She has been taking part in comics festivals the last five years. Her latest work is the Dreamcatcher, a compilation of various kinds of stories as part of an actual dreamcatcher ornament. Upcoming books are titled the ‘Ring Organization’, BloodRed Moon’ and Inside Out (fan art comics of the latest animation).

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