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Sabariotis Aris

Sabariotis Aris

Born in 1983, Aris Sabariotis has shown his talents in drawing and painting since his early years, giving life to many of his childhood heroes of Marvel and DC. He imagined himself redesigning DC vs Marvel like another Castellini, but life had other plans for him. He works as a private employee but his love and passion for the comics prompted him to actively working on their creation in 2017. Armed with his perseverance and patience, he created in collaboration with his childhood friend Kostis Evangelidakis, the Post Apocalyptic Comic: The Starfall Saga.

Many times his demanding daily life forced him to work night to bring to life what they call their "spiritual child". "The Starfall Saga" is about to be completed in about 20 issues, so keep in touch!

You will meet him at Athens con 2019 to get to know him closely.

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