Mpitsakakis Charidimos

Mpitsakakis Charidimos

Charidimos Bitsakakis was born in 1986 at the exotic planet of Alderaan.
In 2005 he managed to flee from the catastrophic power of the Death Star, and he started his studies in Athens School of Fine Arts, with concentration in painting and sculpting. Alongside his studies he started getting involved professionally in a number of projects such as theatrical performances, novels, comic books, video games and board games, being responsible for the illustrations, animation, and the visual/artistic aspect of each project.
In 2013 he gets awarded the Rector’s Scholarship and enters Camberwell College of Arts, at University of the Arts London. Later in 2014, he gets his Master’s Degree in Digital Arts / Visual Arts in London. His work (installations and digital art/performances) has been exhibited in both London and Athens.
At the moment, he works as an art teacher for concept art and sculpture in Ornerakis Applied Arts Institution. He is also working as a freelance Concept artist and Digital matte painter for Visual effect studios and Board game companies, as well as a comic artist and illustrator for various graphic novels and books.
Lately, he started training to learn the ways of the Force as a young Padawan Jedi…!

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