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A crazy comic creator who is always interested in art experiments and creating as different comics as possible. He likes fine arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, wall painting) and took part in many exhibitions in galleries and art centers. But he is mostly fond of comic art and for that he is going on with it…

1998 – Medea (Iamblihus publ.)
1995 -2001. “D.E.N.” (punkzine, with comics & music articles)
2000-2004. Various zines (“Fantastic!”, “X-FILES”, “RAZOR”,ect.)
2005-2011. “Favoritis” comic zine series.
2007-2008. “Na!” freezine (Rhodes island).
2012. Favoritis (graphic novel/ Renieri)
2013. Favoritis – “Bird is away!” (graphic novel/ Renieri)
2013. Freakshow (mini comic book)
2014. Favoritis – “Cousins are coming…” (graphic novel/ Renieri)
2014. “TSOFLI” –comic collection zine (Renieri)
2014 -2015 . Rigi (Creeps) horror comic series (Renieri).

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