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Katsikas Alexandros

Katsikas Alexandros

Alexandros Katsikas, was born in Veria but his roots are from Trikala, he Studied Economics but the arts got him, he start making paintings on canvas from a little age, in 2013 he start attended comic drawing lessons with Ioannou Apostolo and in 2014 he release his first comic work “Ελληνίδα Μάνα” (Hellenic mother) at CCA2014 and in 2015 the second and continuous from the first “Ελληνίδα Μάνα 2” (Hellenic mother 2) at CCA2015 at November 2015 at Athens Con he release the “alexandro’s sketchbook” and “BoB” at CCA2016.The year 2017 publish the comic ‘’Edward the Notorious’’ at The Comic Con 3 in Thessaloniki, the same year participate in comic festival and competition for young Balkan creators in Serbia and at 2018 publish the last and complete part ‘’Ελληνίδα Μάνα κομπλιτ εντισιον’’ (Hellenic mother complete edition) at The Comic Con 4.

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