Katsarou Nefeli Ekati

Katsarou Nefeli Ekati

Nefeli Ekati Katsarou graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts, sculpture department, at 2018. Before she had concluded studies on graphic arts.
She worked as a graphic designer the last ten years while also making art decorations and wall painting for individuals and enterprises.
She have been teaching art and history of art since 2006 to children, this is what made her decide to study at ASFA. Her personal work has become now equally important.
She has illustrated folklore tales and comic books.
She mainly interested in fantasy, mythology and biology for the inspiration is needed. Her work is about the organic, the ephemeral and the hereafter, and it’s mainly expressed through creepy and alluring forms.
In her free time she indulges in roll playing games and 3Dcake design, her main hobbies.

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