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Katsarou Nefeli Ekati

Katsarou Nefeli Ekati

Nefeli Ekati Katsarou was born in Athens in 1985.
She graduated from Graphic Arts, she studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2013-2018) and she graduated from the sculpture department at 2018 with honors.
She works as a visual artist while combining artworks, wall-painting and constructions for individuals and enterprises. She has given art lessons to children from 2006 until today.
The experience as a teacher led her to the decision to attend the ASFA university.
Member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

Organic, ephemeral, and the cycle of life are the central theme to most of her works and are usually expressed with strange, creepy but also attractive forms. The materials that are used to narrate her visual stories are clay, paper, lace and flower petals.
She has written and illustrated stories with mythological content and comics, and she has been actively involved since 2016 in exhibitions, artistic events and pop culture events.
Her fields of interest are imagination, mythology, biology and architecture.

In her free time she indulges in roll playing games and 3Dcake design, her main hobbies.

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