Kalliaras Leonidas

Kalliaras Leonidas

Leonidas Kalliaras was born in Trikala of Thessaly in 1988 and when he was one year old his family moved to Athens where he lives until now. He has studied Commerce and Advertising in Athens. From a young age he showed his interest in arts and painting, he studied Byzantine Iconography Art and after that he began to study painting and making sketches.
He has taken part in group exhibitions of painting and Byzantine iconography and has painted walls on demand in commercial spaces, restaurants and local shops. For almost a year he had partnered with local Athens newspaper and made the back covers that depicted musicians’ artists.
His influences came from the literature of Fantasy, poetry and the love for the Southern and Western American culture thus he inspired The Comic book “A bullet with my name” “Hellhounds on my trail” and book 2 "What is the soul of a man'' which includeds Southern gothic elements.
In the comic and illustration industry his first job was “A Bullet With My name” (book 1) "Hellhounds on My trail" that was presented for the first time at ComicDom Con Athens in 2017 and the second comic book “A Bullet with my name” (What is the Soul of a man) that was presented in AthensCon 2017. In his spare time he reads books, enjoys gaming and he is experimenting with the wood carving and miniature sculpture.

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