Hatzopoulou Voula

Hatzopoulou Voula

Voula is studying Fine Arts in Thessaloniki, and obviously she loves drawing. She had been in an art lab and she took scenography, Photoshop, video-editing, maquets, sketching and architectural design lessons.
She participated in The Comic Con 3 and 4 in Thessaloniki publishing her work (fanarts, illustrations, original characters, commissions). She also participated in
“Visual dialogues with the city” exhibition in Geni Tzami gallery in Thessaloniki, and in «Votseia 2017 Averof” exhibition, publishing her work inside the historical battleship Averof. She worked, in cooperation with her university, for the cultural center of Pavlos Melas municipality as an artist, she has illustrated the music book “Flogerismata” written by Maria Melidou and she has undertaken many commissions (portraits, logos, t-shirts designs, wall and object painting, stickers, figures, etc.)
She spends her free time, creating interior designs, remaking old or broken things, modeling figures, or playing pc games.

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