Gkiouli Myrto

Gkiouli Myrto

Myrto Gkiouli spends her days amongst books; partly because she's a professional librarian and partly by choice, reading, researching and writing her own stories. Her close friends call her a "wise owl" because of her trivia knowledge in many fields; for anything she doesn't know, she has a never-ending "to look it up" list.
She’s been telling stories, both through writing and photography, since a very young age and she’s hoping that she’ll never stop. Her love for mythology resulted in “All Twelve were Wonderful” and “Eros + Psyche”, which were both written by Myrto and illustrated by Eirini Skoura.
This year, she’s collaborating with Dimitris Efstratiadis on a comic …treading into completely new waters.

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