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This is your chance to get into our Artist Alley action for 2019! The procedure is simple, fill out our registration form and we will contact you to inform you know about the status of your AthensCon 2019 Artist Alley registration. Please don’t assume we already know your work. Please fill out the form, in full detail. Space is limited and this form won’t be up forever so register today!

Instructions for obtaining an Artist Alley table
  • Fill out the following TABLE REQUEST FORM (this is not a contract). Registration will close on September 31st, 2019 or untill all tables are booked.
  • Please Note: include only ONE individual creator per submission; we cannot accept applications from Art Studios, publishers or other group submissions, all applications must have a single individual creator.
  • We will contact all artists on first come, first served basis, with the status of their registration.
  • If your request is accepted you will then be emailed a contract which must be signed and returned to us along with the payment as stated in the contract.
  • All artists who are accepted will be offered a full table that costs 124€ (170x70cm) and two chairs, which come with two (2) complimentary weekend passes. Fanzine artists have the option to downgrade to a half table 62€ (85x70cm) and one chair, which comes with one weekend pass. You must have signed and paid the table in order to reserve your space, so please plan accordingly.

Before you officially apply for AthensCon's Artist Alley, please be aware about some rules and restrictions we have to in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable event for all artists.

  • All banners/displays must be free standing, single-sided and only a few inches deep. Please make sure that the tops of all banners/displays are no more than 200cm tall (from the floor) and no more than 150cm wide.
  • Displays on tables need to be inward facing! No artwork should face out towards another creator’s table, displays cannot obstruct the visibility towards other tables.
  • The sale of unlicensed material is strictly prohibited.
  • All artwork displayed needs to be the artistic work of a creator who is present at the table, do not display work of an artist who is not at the show.
  • Artist Alley tables cannot be used to sell merchandise such as t-shirts, pins, CDs/DVD or plushes. Artist Alley tables are exclusively for use by creators who have artwork or other items directly related to their work for sale at their table (i.e. sketchbooks, prints, comics etc.)

If you have questions about what you are selling in Artist Alley, or any other questions, please contact

Personal Info
Details & Notes

I understand that submitting this form only registers my application for a space. It does not guarantee me a spot in Artist Alley. 

Please be sure all your information is accurate. We must be able to contact you in order to confirm your presence in Artist Alley. Please note that this registration is not a contract and does not assure you a spot in the AthensCon Artist Alley.

If you have any questions or do not hear from AthensCon by November 20th, please contact us. Thank you for requesting space in the AthensCon Artist Alley!

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