Throughout the convention our guests and artists participating in our artist alley will be signing their creations. Also many of our exhibitors will organize their own signings which they will promote through their own social media as well.

Our special guests will have their own tables which the public can access freely. The special guests will be at their tables to chat and sign autographs for fans from the opening of the convention's doors. From 11:00 in the morning till 20:00 on both days. The Special guests will NOT be found at their tables only during their panel and workshops hours. Of course they will also have the necessary breaks for their personal needs when they want and need it! The full panel and workshop program will be posted in the appropriate area of ​​our site.

All autographs - signatures of our guests are free unless the guest states it in his/her table!
Attendees can get autographs by each special guest in the following ways .
   a. Free by bringing you own comics, poster or collectible.
   b. Buying a print, comic, object from the special guest table at the cost and price specified by the special guest.
   c. Buying a print, comic, object that will be sold at AthensCon's booth or an exhibitor at the price and cost set by the seller.
   d. Any attendee who wants to get autographs should respect other guests and keep place in the queue.
   e. Each attendee will be able to sign up to SIX (6) issues - items at a time. If more autographs are wanted from the same special guest, the attendee can go again to the end of the line, and wait until it is their turn again and sign and the next six items! This can be repeated by the attendee until his/her items run out.
   f. Any visitor that does not comply with all the above and does not respect the special guests and fellow attendees, the convention staff has the right to accompany the specific attendee outside the event.

Our misson to promote our beautiful hobbies and have lots of fun!


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