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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Beyond the Cliches: Ancient Greece in Comics


Saturday 16:30 - 17:20
Coordinator: Lynn Fotheringham
Speakers: Kieron Gillen, Abraham Kawa, Stephen Hodkinson

To coincide with the launch of the Greek edition of Three (Kieron Gillen, Ryan Kelly) from Jemma Press, this panel brings together comics-writers and historians to discuss comics-stories set in ancient Greece. Why do writers still want to tell stories about the ancient world today? How do they research their material and what contribution can academic researchers make to comics? How do we make the old stories new and escape from the familiar clichés? What comics have been published about ancient Greece in the past? What do readers want from stories like these? Is it particularly important that works like Three and Democracy should be translated into Greek?

Kieron Gillen (writer, Three)
Abraham Kawa (writer, Democracy)
Stephen Hodkinson (Professor of Ancient History at the University of Nottingham, historical consultant on Three)
Lynn Fotheringham (Lecturer, University of Nottingham)

The panel is going to be done in English.

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