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AthensCon proudly presents the art exhibition titled "Life Raft", which will be hosted at the Tae Kwon Do stadium on the 1st and 2nd of December 2018. This exhibition was organized in collaboration with the nonprofit magazine "shedia". The artists participating were invited to create a story that revolves around the concept of civic-mindedness, based on their own personal experiences.

"Shedia" is the only Greek street magazine and, as with all street magazines around the world, it is not sold at the newsstands or other usual press outlets, but only in the streets of the city by accredited vendors. These vendors come from vulnerable population groups and most of the revenue from selling the magazine goes to them. "Shedia" is also a medium of independent journalism and as such, a means to fight against all forms of social exclusion. It is a vehicle that gives voice to the weak. Part of the solution to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.
The Greek comic artists participating in this exhibition were inspired by the actions of "shedia" and put forth a series of real events, experienced either by them or someone close to them. Through their work, they show us how an act of humanity or a kind word can, at the right time, be a comfort to our fellow people. They show us that one good deed, never mind how small, can really change another’s life for the better.

Participating Artists: Stagidis Adrianos, Dimitris Eftratiadis, Nick Gialouris, Voula Hatzopoulou, Michael Kafousias, Aris Lampos, Malk, Xenia Motskalidou, Irida Mouzmoulou, Soloup, Nikolas Stefadouros, Steve Stivaktis, Loukia Tzortzopoulou, Dennis Yatras.

Curator: Vera Kartalou

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