Thursday, 13 September 2018

IRON ARMORS by Alexander Beis


Alexander Beis has been involved with cosplay since September 2010. He has build many costumes from different materials like fabric and fiberglass. His projects are inspired by different themes ( comics, cinema, videogames etc). But his great passion for the super hero Ironman makes the difference.
So far he has made more than 10 Ironman costumes based on the hero’s cinematic incarnations. The base material for the costumes is foam. Designs and patterns are made with the help of a computer. The costumes are fully functional and wearable thanks to pvc joints. Many have also LED lights which are powered by a rechargeable batteries. Some costume may include speakers and smoke machines.
Ironman is Alexander's biggest inspiration and he has plans for bigger and better creations.

The armors you will be able to see and take photos with are:

Ironman mark 33 Silver Centurion
Ironman mark 39 Starboost
Ironman mark 40 Shotgun
Ironman mark 43
Ironman mark 46
Warmachine mark 3

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